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Airbnb Animals

  • Social Package
  • Social Strategy



AirBnb was planning the launch of Animals Experiences, an opportunity for users to encounter animals on their app in ways that are playful, exciting, and totally humane.


Their creative team provided us with a wealth of video footage, but wanted us to develop a launch strategy in order to optimize what they had. We refused to carelessly repurpose what we were given.


From the original hero film, our team tailored the footage into various cutdowns for platforms. We strategized concepts for audience response, deciding to implement real-time activation.


With real-time activation, we guided AirBnb through a live Twitter Q&A, pulling from our visual suite of GIFs and reaction images to showcase Animal Experiences’ place for everyone. Asking the audience anything animal related, we introduced activities and content available through Animals Experiences, raising awareness through direct engagement with warmth and humor.

Average engagement on Airbnb’s Twitter increased by 5000% – a number unprecedented in its other Twitter campaigns. Our visual narrative was built out through IG Stories & Stickers, GIFs, and further use of the hero film. Our approach was playful, with clean and vibrant visuals carrying the campaign’s sense of fun and interactivity.