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Netflix initially approached Better Half’s Alyssa Bonanno with brand guidelines for its upcoming show, The End of the F*cking World – based on the comic of the same name by Charles Foresman. After its success, Better Half was invited back to Charles’s comic universe for the I Am Not Okay With This social campaign in 2020.


Bonanno approached TEOTFW hoping to reintroduce much of the original comic’s angst and grit. With only access to footage from the show, it needed to be extended to build and sustain a social channel. The show’s unique, incendiary energy was essential to the logic of its universe, and should be made highly visible across platforms.


Bringing the comic into the real world would be made possible through a careful balance of hand-drawn assets during key moments. The original spirit of the comic would be honored and brought in, rather than adapted away, down to replicating Charles’s lines.


Hand-drawn assets infused show footage with energy, craft, and wit. The custom animated introduced elements only possible in the comic world: surprise lines, spinning stars, and anything to build our surreal comic dimension.

Animated cutdowns thrived on digital channels. For reaching niche fans with unorthodox approaches, we captured the show’s sardonic energy with print promotions- like paper dolls and instruction manuals.

Noticing the success of TEOTFW, we employed this same strategy and consideration in IANOWT, infusing frames with reactive animation and energy. Combing through several hours of footage, Better Half concepted 6 animated sequences to assist in building out IANOWT’s social branding.

Essential scenes were emphasized with dynamic animation – the result of several testing periods to ensure that Charles’s style was perfectly captured.