Better Half A new age creative studio, Los Angeles, CA

New Balance

  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics Prototyping
  • Design



In the days leading up the London Marathon, New Balance was seeking a campaign that would act as a multi-platform, visually-stunning countdown.


Partnering with Stink & BML, Better Half ideated on a campaign that could capture time and emotion without constriction.


20 days, 120 assets. We would produce a campaign that captured New Balance’s competitive and communal spirit in an all-encompassing design package.


The launch promo was shot over two days across the UK. From this came stills, cutdown, and a wealth of material that would live in tandem with a massive digital design overhaul for New Balance.

Several stages of prototyping were needed to perfect the tone to something fresh, yet deeply familiar to New Balance’s ethos. Every possible graphics option was explored, incorporating innovative motion graphic techniques into the iconic New Balance brand.