Better Half A new age creative studio, Los Angeles, CA





Pandora tapped Better Half to create a new animated mini-series “Yeah, That Happened,” designed as an addition to their live concerts. Provided only with raw footage, Better Half constructed the series through editing, design, animation, and full creative direction.


With a variety of talent involved, the Better Half creative team wanted to honor their individuality through animation, while sustaining a cohesive visual style throughout the series as a whole.


Through trial and error, we pursued creative direction with an elastic style, joining each piece of the series through a common thread of playfulness and individuality.


As we edited the raw footage of the interviews, we
storyboarded and developed the creative identity of each video.

To honor the series’ and Pandora’s musical focus, we incorporated each artists’ genre and background into the aesthetic of their video, ranging from RnB to country to reggaeton and fusion