Better Half A new age creative studio, Los Angeles, CA

Vans Musicians Wanted

  • Global remote concert



We reunited with Vans to innovate their competition VANS MUSICIANS WANTED, transitioning a global battle of the bands to an entirely digital experience.

In all previous years, VMW was a global battle of the bands that brought together 15 musicians from across the globe for live concerts on three continents – Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

With COVID-19 rendering this format impossible, Better Half wholly
innovated the event to be entirely
digital, remotely filmed, and just as


What began as creative direction evolved into near-total management of VMW’s production. We measured the
limitations and possibilities of remote filming, culminating hours of footage into an hour-long concert that captured the energy and spectacle of the bands.


Our first step of creative direction involved establishing a distinct design language for VMW, while staying loyal to the Van’s brand image of creativity with edge.

As a newly digital event, we chose vibrant and lucid colors of the internet era in neon greens, pinks, blues, along with crisp black and white.

To join digital with analog, we incorporated a spectrum of digital media texture, from VHS to glitches to emojis.

To ensure clear footage, we sent out recording equipment to each of the 15 acts and the judges, passing along detailed guidelines on how to best capture their emotion, sound, and expression.

Once all the footage was received, Better Half edited it together by continent and sent it off to the judges to record their reactions and decisions live on camera. The judges included Anderson.Paak, J.I.D., Bohan Phoenix, Nilufer Yanya, and Tierney Stout.

Once all the footage was received, Better Half edited it
together by continent and sent it off to the judges. From each continent, a winner was chosen based on skill, technical quality, stage presence, and an element of surprise and originality that could only be defined as “off the wall”.

With the worldwide winners chosen, we compiled a final hour-long supercut of their performances. From our footage we built out over 100 cutdowns for multiple digital formats to capture the global scale of VMW in the digital age.