Better Half A new age creative studio, Los Angeles, CA

Vans Sidestripe Sessions

  • 360 Campaign
  • Performance Capture
  • Animation
  • Live Production
  • Stop Motion



Vans wanted to revitalize their iconic Sidestripe Sessions: their distinct music showcase for emerging acts that crossed boundaries of genre and performance.


A previous iteration of the series established a visual style for us to follow. The truly unique environment – a giant shoebox as our stage – toed a careful line between fantasy and reality.


We wanted to expand the reality of the shoebox through innovative displays of the performances, striking graphics, and a playfulness loyal to Vans.


Our shoebox was built out in a stop-motion
environment, opening up to our featured band. Each episode’s visual style was tailored to the performers, from playful hand-drawn elements to glitching across the stage.

Various film techniques provided kinetic texture to our videos. Though constrained to a shoebox, high-quality audio ensured each bands’ sound was perfectly captured and fully honored Vans’s long, close legacy within music.