Better Half A new age creative studio, Los Angeles, CA

25 years of Vans Warped tour

  • 360 Campaign
  • Motion graphics
  • Video Production
  • Art Direction


To celebrate the festival’s 25th birthday, we worked closely with the Vans and Vans Warped Tour teams to bring 25 notable moments to life with 25 unique episodes.

Better Half pays homage and says farewell to the Vans Warped Tour, creating 25 films surrounding 25 themes to celebrate 25 amazing years.

In Better Half’s most immersive collaboration yet, our team entered this project from the original concept phase, working closely with the Vans and Vans Warped Tour internal teams to bring this dream into reality.

We created a suite of 25 unique episodes that were featured across all of Vans Warped Tour’s social channels. To begin creating this mobile-first docu-series, Better Half’s archival and design team sourced and sorted through:

  • 800+ hours of footage
  • 10,000+ photographs taken from 1995 – 2018

Meanwhile, our production and animation teams were creating:

  • 44 hours of interview footage with musicians and the extended Warped family
  • 50+ custom animations and illustrations, amping up the archival and interview footage

Our holistic approach enabled us to bring the narrative history of this crucial culture to a mobile-first audience, but not without the help of so many gracious people who shared their stories, photos, videos, and time.


  • Vans Warped Tour Instagram: 1.2 million followers
  • Engagement rate per video averaged at 18.5k views and roughly 55 comments
  • Episode with the highest engagement: 28.129k views / 7,469 likes / and 269 comments.

The episodes will remain on the Vans Warped Tour feeds to close out all of the accounts as a final sign-off to the last 25 years.