Better Half A new age creative studio, Los Angeles, CA


  • Airbnb SF

  • Equinox LA

  • Nike NYC

  • New Balance NYC

  • Vans LA

  • Netflix SF


Better Half is a mobile-first creative studio. We move at the speed of culture, tailoring materials specifically for the platforms on which they are digested.

Our team brings specialized knowledge that allow us to craft modern content with purpose. We build out extensive strategy, pair it with high-concept creative, and execute it all in-house. This manifests as many specialties that meet varied needs:brand consulting, mobile-first strategies, live-action production, content optimization, bespoke animation, and platform management.


We’ve built involved digital communities for some of the largest brands in the world. Birthed out of a frustration for traditional advertising, we resist the outdated tactics of legacy media. We create new media solutions for new problems.


Let us be your Better Half.