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Mylo seemed something out of science fiction. Innovated by the world-class scientists and engineers at Bolt Threads, it was leather’s next evolution, made entirely from mycelium.

Just because it was unprecedented, doesn’t mean it was indescribable. Just like Mylo itself, its digital campaign had to capture the unmistakable feel of leather and luxury, both of the earth and from the future. This was not a “replacement”, but a conscious elevation and evolution.

We wanted Mylo’s visual and digital voices to be defined by wonder, discovery, and the altruism of knowing we are building a safer, cleaner, greener planet without animal emissions. Optimistic and a little strange, we wanted to bring the otherworldly into our world in our unveiling.

Tasked with building out Mylo’s digital campaign, we were able to develop a holistic brand voice that could be seen and heard throughout Mylo’s presence online. We established branding guidelines, design principles, and creative direction as to how Mylo would be photographed, spoken of, and presented to the world.

Bttr Hlf established Mylo’s voice consciously, seeking a balance of innovative science and accessible discovery. To introduce complex information, we incorporated smooth, simple shapes and intuitive lead-throughs in both our copy and digital design. Our font book of sans-serifs displays information with clarity and a futuristic edge.

Our overall approach mimicked luxury and high-end design, emphasizing that quality, beauty, and luxury can be ethical and altruistic. In revealing a product not yet released, we chose to display the material’s potential through elements inspired by nature, modern art, and high design, infused with rich textures and a scientific clarity. These decisions in movement and texture establish the ecosystem of Mylo.

With these elements in place, the Mylo website acts as a long-form reveal. Interactive scroll-throughs and transformative design elements take the audience through stages, replicating Mylo’s own process of creation.

In managing this complex range, we returned again and again to the form of mycelium itself: a growing web of interconnected information and potential. This guided Mylo’s overall creative direction to seek the sense of logic and beauty, as that found in nature.